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In order to prepare yourself for the Swedish market, we offer workshops in French on various topics related to job search in Sweden. 

Dates of upcoming HR events and workshops:

- Tuesday, March 3, 2020: Formulate a professional project in a new cultural context : Embarking on the great adventure of expatriation opens many doors -  discoveries, learning, meetings. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to enrich your professional experience with new skills, or even reinvent yourself! The French Chamber of Commerce in Sweden invites you to a workshop to reflect on the creation of a professional project abroad, based on personal and professional reflection of the path traveled and that which remains to be traveled in a new cultural environment. We offer this workshop in French to be accompanied, advised and coached by a consultant in leadership and expatriation management with a solid international experience.

- Monday March 9, 2020: Workshop - Having your CV adapted to the Swedish market : How to have my CV and professional project in adequacy? I don't know the codes of my new country! I do not have time! I do not know where to start ... We offer this workshop in French to be accompanied, advised and coached by a professional recruiting abroad.

- Monday March 16, 2020: LinkedIn Workshop : You know that your visibility on social networks is essential. However, you may not have a LinkedIn profile yet or use it a little. This workshop will guide you in your steps to have an attractive LinkedIn profile and how to use it for your job search.



"Following the workshop with the CCFS, I benefited from valuable advice to improve my CV so that it is better suited to the Swedish job market. I also met several people with whom we exchanged our experiences and contacts . It's a great way to meet people and in a really useful way! "



"I wanted to participate in this CV worshop in order to anticipate at least our move to Sweden in the month of July. This half-day, allowed me to get a little up to date on how to write a CV, in particular for Sweden, in order to optimize my chances of retraining. The trainer for example suggested to me that a CV of competence could be interesting in my case. "



"I wanted to thank you for our exchange this morning, for your time and your precious advice. Looking for work is a long, winding and thankless path; it is good to be listened to in a kind and constructive manner!"

"I did the CV and LinkedIn workshop because it's always useful to have recommendations from HR professionals, who have been in Sweden for a long time and know the specifics of the local market. I was not disappointed, I left with very good advice! I also appreciated the exchanges with the other participants of the workshop, a good way to extend its network. "

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