Take a look back at the Workshop dedicated to LinkedIn: Your tool to look for a job in Sweden

On the 14th of October was held our second Workshop of the month, devoted to the use of LinkedIn and profile optimization for job search in Sweden.

Christian Rähn cordially agreed to present the activities of Frilans Finans Sverige AB, who  generously welcomed us to its Stockholm offices, mainly aimed at freelancers to have solutions of fiscal representation and salary portage, to the participant(s). 

Marlène Sellebråten, content marketing consultant, journalist and digital specialist especially about LinkedIn, was able to advise the participants on all the technical questions about the use of LinkedIn. The session focused on the need to optimize one's profile, in particular by emphasizing the strategic importance of the "Headline" and "Summary". An important part of the training focused on understanding LinkedIn's algorithm and ways to boost his profile. Throughout the session, Marlène was able to help participants adapt their profiles to their needs.

Estelle Darrigade, Project Manager and CCFS Recruitment Officer was also there to give recruiter's vision on LinkedIn, to explain what they see on their side of the screen while conducting research so that the participants understand it. The interest and importance of headline, photo and profile settings was underlined. It was also an opportunity for them to ask questions about recruiting methodologies and their expectations. Finally, one of the important points of this morning were the security and the visibility settings, to protect its digital identity while being visible on the networks.


Throughout the meeting, the participants were able to find technical answers and strategic advice in their use of LinkedIn, useful for the continuation of their projects and their digital presence in the professional world.


We wish them good luck and success in their professional projects in Sweden and once again thank Frilans Finans for his generous welcome.

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