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Have a look back : CSR committee meeting with The Seacleaners

The CSR committee convened on March 30th with The SeaCleaners. At this meeting, they shared with us their ideas on how to reduce marine pollution.

In 2021, the damage done to the environment and its ecosystems can no longer be ignored. The Seacleaners reminded us that 9 million metric tons of plastic waste are dumped at sea every year, averaging 1 garbage truck per minute. As a result it is estimated that in 2050, there will be 1 metric ton of plastic every metric ton of fish in the Ocean. Already today, humans ingest and inhale up to 121,000 microparticles of plastic per year. It is thus evident that the Ocean has served as the destination for a large part of manmade waste.  


 Refusing to accept this devastating fact, The SeaCleaners have taken on the initiative of coming up with creative and relevant solutions to this problem. Seeing apathy as one of the most substantial contributors, they’ve also endeavoured to motivate and instruct those willing to take action. 


The SeaCleaners advocate for two types of action: curative and preventive. Aiming to develop preventive solutions on land and curative solutions at sea, their ultimate goal is to protect the oceans from plastic pollution. In this spirit, they’ve launched several projects, the most ambitious of which is their exciting flagship project, the commissioning of an eco-friendly and innovative sea-cleaning vessel called the Manta. 


If you’re interested in taking action or discussing potential partnerships with The SeaCleaners organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us at communication(@)ccfs.se

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