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CSR Committee Meeting at Max Burgers, 12-03 2020

In March, the CCFS organised a CSR Committee at Max Burgers, Stockholm. This meeting was the occasion to learn more about Max’s sustainability policy and achievements directly from Kaj Török, Chief Sustainability Officer. The company has been praised by the UN at the COP25, as one of the winners of the 2019 Global Climate Action Award.

Max is a family owned company that decided to change its business model to save the world. It is also Sweden most profitable food chain (tripling its turnover every decade), hence demonstrating that profit and sustainability are not uncompatible, on the contrary.

Max’s values and actions regarding sustainability focus on creating healthier products, offering fair job opportunities with a strong emphasis on diversity & inclusion and turning carbon positive. 

Max considers that it is too late to be carbon neutral, because we have emitted too much carbon already in the atmosphere. Now a relevant commitment is to be carbon positive, meaning that we should not only do less harm, but work to repair and regenerate.

Beef being by far the largest source of GHG emission for Max, the main target is to strive to offer many tasty green burgers alternatives, so by 2022 every other meal sold will be without red meat. Max is also planting trees to deliver against its target.

The presentation gave rise to an interesting discussion about the future prospects for companies when it comes to sustainability and also about packaging and new methods for being carbon positive. We thank Max Burger and Kaj Török for hosting this meeting and we look forward to upcoming CSR Committee meetings.  


If you are interested in the CSR Committee, please contact Sonia Le Masne


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