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Webinar : The Future’s Employer – A Changing Workplace

Langue : English

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This webinar will address issues related to teleworking in Sweden.


Which trends do we see at Swedish workplaces when it comes to employee health, engagement and remote work? What do employers demand when more and more choose to work from home?


To kick-off Benify’s latest report – The Future’s Employer: A Changing Workplace, we will host a webinar that will take a deeper lock at the question that affect you, as an employer, in worrying times.


We will also talk about which benefits are appreciated the most and how employees are preparing to return to the office again. You will also hear about how employers, such as yourself, can maintain a good company culture and what responsibility you have for your employees when they work remotely. We’ll also explain which risk factors employers should be aware of and how employees regard their employer from a global perspective.


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