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Vocal coaching Workshop with Nolwenn Lelievre

United Spaces - Waterfront
Klarabergsviadukten 63
111 64

Langue : French & English

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On June 8th between 9 to 12:30, come join us and our vocal coach Nolwenn Lelievre for two vocal coaching workshops


The Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an upcoming workshop that is sure to benefit professionals in any field. We have partnered with vocal coach, Nolwenn Rau Lelièvre, to present "Finding Your Voice for Professionals." Or How to make each voice a powerful tool for efficient communication.

This workshop is designed to give an introduction on how to help individuals develop and strengthen their vocal abilities, allowing them to communicate with confidence, clarity, and impact. Participants will learn and practice some techniques for improving breath control, posture, tone and projection. They will also gain insights into how to use their voice effectively in public speaking, presentations and everyday conversations. Two sessions are available, one in French, the other in English.

Whether you are an executive, manager, salesperson, or any other type of professional, this workshop is a must-attend event. Join us on June 8th at the French Chamber of Commerce (Klarabergsviadukten 63) to unlock the full potential of your voice. 
Please note that the number of seats per session is limited in order to make each workshop participatory and effective. Registration is therefore required. Please register for the correct session in either French or English. Please also note that in order to let as many members as possible benefit from this workshop, it is not possible to participate in both sessions.


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