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HR Workshop with Kopper and Hellström Advokatbyrå

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The CCFS has the pleasure to invite you to a HR workshop and lunch, in cooperation with the law firms Kopper Legal and Hellström Advokatbyrå 


Thomas, Johan and Anna will share their views on the legal aspects of three current HR topics challenging French and Swedish companies :

9am to 11am : WORKSHOP

  • From the start to the end of an employment relationship - there are different considerations to take into account and several types of rules to comply with when hiring and also ending an employment relationship in Sweden and France. The lawyers will take you through the process of employing and dismissing employees within the two jurisdictions and give advice on differences and risks to be aware of during such processes. (employer checks, type of employment contracts, type of terminations, mutual and settlement agreement etc.
  • News in French and Swedish labor law - The lawyers will talk about hot topics in both jurisdictions and also other relevant and recent changes in the French and Swedish labor law. In Sweden there are a great number of changes to the labor law which recently have been enacted which are relevant to be aware of and in France labor is in constant evolution too. The newly implemented changes in Sweden entail, among other things, that partially new rules apply in the event of redundancy terminations and terminations for reasons relating to the individual employee and that the rules on fixed-term employment have changed.
  • Q&A session - in the event of questions from the audience, the lawyers will do a dedicated Q&A session at the end of the workshop.

11am to noon : LUNCH with the panelists and the members present


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