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Have a look back: Webinar with Eurolawyers + Seminar with Frilans Finans

We started the day off with a webinar and ended with a seminar in the evening!

Thank you to everyone who participated in these events! We were thrilled to host both in one day, a webinar in the morning and a seminar in the evening.

During our webinar on Legal and Tax News in Sweden co hosted by our partner Eurolawyers, participants were able to gain insight about important law related news in Sweden and get information directly from the French/Swedish lawyers! Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Zander; head of Eurolawyers, for being a panelist at this event.

We then had an in person event in the evening where we held a seminar on the Dynamics of the Swedish Job Market at Frilans Finans. The seminar was given by Stephen Schad; CEO of both Frilans Finans and Invoicery. Stephen gave us an insightful presentation which was then followed by a discussion and mingling with champagne.

We were so happy to be able to see our members in person again! And we will have many more events coming up that will also be in person as the government's restrictions concerning the pandemic become less strict. Thank you all for attending and we hope to see even more of you at our upcoming events!

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