Have a look back: CSR committee meeting with Northvolt

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We had the pleasure to have Yannick Le Gleut presenting Northvolt to the CCFS CSR Committee !

Batteries are THE key enabler to electrification and to transform our world away from fossil fuels. They make it possible to store and transport clean energy. But the world, and more specifically Europe, faces a great shortfall in supply.

Northvolt Skellefteå-based gigafactory (North of Sweden) will ramp-up in manufacturing capacity to meet this demand. Founded in 2016, Northvolt aims to become Europe’s leading supplier of sustainable, high-quality battery cells and systems. The goal is to achieve a closed production loop, from mining to recycling stage (50% recycled material in all new cells by 2030). Northvolt is projecting to offer about 7000 jobs in the area.


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