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Webinar with our member VINCI Energies : The Futur of Energy

Vinci Energies addressed the future of Energy and how a green transition can be achieved both efficiently and rapidly. Find the recording here.

Our societies are facing multiple challenges both in terms of energy security and sustainability goals, even more so since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet many innovations, technologies and will from the public and private sectors are here to help us together to achieve these goals. The purpose of the debate (in Swedish) was to discuss about it and to give concrete examples of innovations that can accelerate the energy transition, now and in the future. This webinar was held physically and digitally at The Hive, Vinci Energies Innovation Hub in Sweden.


Thank you to moderator and speakers for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us :


This seminar is the first of a serie of three addressing the challenge of energy from different perspectives. Stay tuned for more information! Find the recording of the debate on the link below :


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