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Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Stephanie Gibbs from Berlitz for a fruitful discussion on cross-cultural collaborations with Sweden.

In a workshop setting, the participants interacted on several topics ranging from decision-making and reaching a consensus to what makes a good communicator. 


Reflecting broadly on the concept of culture and what it signifies in the interactions of individuals, participants were also asked to examine the set of values with which they identify. Interesting discoveries were made when these values were questioned and compared with other beliefs. 


Some easily overlooked yet relevant topics were mentioned throughout the session. The habits of a particular professional setting may be easily disregarded by those who engage in them daily but pose challenges to a newcomer unfamiliar with the codes of that environment. With this in mind, participants were asked to be attentive to the subtle cues and practices which define their style of communication, in order to expand their ability to adapt to a new setting whilst fine tuning their interpretation skills.



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