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Retour sur : Business and Legal Aspects of Co-Innovation and Cross-Industrial Cooperation between France and the Nordics

We had the pleasure of welcoming several business and legal experts during this webinar organised with the other French Chambers in the Nordics.

Please click the image above to watch the recorded webinar.


During this webinar, our guest speakers shared the best business practices and legal advice but also explored together opportunities for further industrial cooperation. It appeared clearly that the timing is good and with the right preparation and frame the potential is high.


Many thanks to our moderators Thomas Fernandez-Boni (Vaughan Avocats) and Alexia Colson-Duparchy (B.Right Brains Co.) and to our speakers: Edward Jobson (Volvo), Didier Lapalus (Alstom), Christophe Jovet (Enersense), Claude Lenth (Hjort), Thomas Alnæs (Hjort), Anna Fernqvist Svensson (Hellström), Jonas Enkegaard (Horten), Kalle Pedak (Hedman Partners) and Bruno Courtine (Vaughan Avocats).


This event was co-organised by the French-Norwegian, the French-Swedish and the French-Finnish Chambers of Commerce.

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