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Retour sur : Airline industry and Covid-19 webinar

Last week, we were happy to welcome Gijs van Popta and Gauthier Le Masne of Air France KLM for a discussion on the future of the airline industry.

In collaboration with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, we organised this online event centered on the theme : Current challenges of the airline industry during Covid-19 and opportunities for the future. 


Our guest speakers Mr. Gijs van Popta, General Manager North Europe at Air France KLM and Mr. Gauthier Le Masne, Commercial Director North Europe at Air France KLM, generously offered their insights into some of the issues at hand, with an emphasis on their management of the current crisis. It is no secret that the pandemic has impacted the airline industry particularly hard. However, they were keen to address the potential for positive change, sharing some of their most promising initiatives underway to promote sustainable travel.

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