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Lunch & Learn with Ericsson

Thank you to all our members for joining us for this very rewarding morning

The CCFS would like to thank all the members who joined us for the visit of the Ericsson premises on Wednesday the 19th. It was a real pleasure to have you with us. 

The tour was extremely informative and gave us a glimpse into the future of technology. We had the opportunity to explore Ericsson's cutting edge technology and see first hand the innovative solutions they are developing. I hope this visit inspired you and made you think about the years to come. 

The convivial meal that followed the visit was an excellent opportunity for us to exchange ideas and dialogue in particular with two members of the company. It was a pleasure to be able to engage in such discussions and learn from their expertise. 

Once again, thank you Ericsson and especially Olivier Goubaud for the visit and thank you to our members for coming. We hope you will join us for future events and discussions!


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