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HR Workshop with Kopper and Hellström Advokatbyrå

A big thank you to all those present on Wednesday morning for this very enriching workshop and rich in exchanges and discussions.

The CCFS would like to thank the members who attended the workshop on human resources on Tuesday. The opportunity to compare the French and Swedish systems on the topic of human resources and employability was both informative and engaging. Thanks also to the three lawyers Anna FERNQVIST SVENSSON, Thomas FERNANDEZ-BONI and Johan KARLMAN for sharing their knowledge along with the animation of the conversations and made the workshop a success! 

Thanks also to Business France and especially to Klara Théot for her presentation regarding VIE contracts, which are numerous here in Sweden. The meal was an excellent opportunity to continue the conversations and discussions with all the members and speakers present. 

The CCFS thanks once again its members for their presence. Without you nothing would be possible. Thanks again to the three lawyers for their dynamism!

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