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Have a look back: Webinar - French Innovation & electrification of the car fleet by Renault

With more and more ambitious sustainable policies and goals along with a growing demand from the consumers, the electrification of the global car fleet has become one of the cornerstones of the major car manufacturers. 
Pioneer in this field, Renault Group plans to have up to 90% electric vehicles in the Renault brand mix. In 2025, the company aims for over 65% of electric and electrified vehicles in the sales mix. The ingredients to make this a reality: a new gigafactory, a standardised cell footprint, a highly efficient e-powertrain and a new electric Renault 5 that will cost 33% less than the Zoe.

Jean-Francois Giller, Brand Manager at Renault Nordic, made us explore the R&D driving the innovative power of this flagship of the french car industry. It was the occasion to discover Renault latest models, combining sustainability and excellent driving experience.

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