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Have a look back to the CSR Committee with Teal for Teal Sweden

The CSR committee met on the theme of the teal organization.

Thursday, November 17, we started the day with a workshop together with Helene Ählberg from Leading Business, addressing the implementation of Teal organisations.

Teal? Imagine an organisation with a full flat hierarchy and where managers are no longer. The Gallup report of 2022 underlined the growing lack of employee engagement in their company. On a global level only 21% of employees feel engaged in their company, the rate is even lower in Europe with 14%. (link to The Gallup report of 2022 here)

Advocates of TEAL organisation present their method as a remedy to increase engagement of the workforce through empowerment and direct participation of employees into the strategy of their company. A challenging and daring approach to Leadership that can be rewarding.

Thank you to Helene for her presentation and insight and to all of you who participate in the meeting. Interested in Teal Organization? Welcome to follow the Swedish Network Teal for Teal.


Find the power point presentation above :

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