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Have a look back: CSR Committee afterwork at Huvudsta Garden - September 7 2021

The members of our CSR committee had the chance to be welcomed in a fabulous place. In the framework of an afterwork, we met:

Elin Aronsen Beis, who has been working on food waste for 6 years. She created Foodloopz Sweden AB and 2 years ago this beautiful zero waste garden. She told us everything about her very atypical journey and showed us her vegetable garden
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Niclas Tunebro & Julian Reisz, the co-founders of Brave Business & Brave Brew. We had the chance to taste their delicious CRUMBS beer, a tasty circular and local beer made with reclaimed surplus bread. I would advise you to try the Yellow loafy Lager which is particularly tasty !

Are you interested in sustainable development and want to make a positive impact on your business? You are welcome to join our CSR committee and you can send us your wish to join us via the address 

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