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Have a look back at the CSR Committee meeting on "Sustainable Investing"

The CSR committee met on the topic : “Sustainable Investing” in collaboration with Reclaim Finance.

We kicked the day with a Webinar on “Sustainable Investing”. Our host, Clément Faul, introduced us to Reclaim Finance and its missions.

Reclaim Finance  consider finance as a critical lever in the fight against climate change. Therefore, they contribute to the acceleration of the decarbonization of financial flows by playing a role of citizen counter-power: recommendation to economic and political decision makers, alert on the impacts of certain financial actors, campaigns to highlight the bad practices of financial players…  Their actions are based on research to verify whether the practices of financial actors support or hinder the ecological transition and tools to analyze oil and gas policies. 

Thanks to Reclaim Finance and in particular to Clément Faul for this remarkable webinar! We learned a lot! And thanks to the participants for attending it.

 If you are interested in Reclaim Finance, don't hesitate to have a look at their website, very complete :

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