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Have a look back at our CSR committee with Tefal-OBH Nordica

We kicked off the day with a breakfast meeting by Tefal-OBH Nordica, group part of Groupe SEB to talk all about their sustainable business strategy.

We kicked off the day with an excellent breakfast meeting organized by TEFAL - OBH NORDICA GROUP AB, group part of Groupe SEB

We were able to discover more in depth their strategy of sustainable development, both internally within the group, and externally in the products and services sold to consumers. 

Groupe SEB develops a lot of its actions around circular economy : repair of household appliances, recovery of broken objects to reuse materials, designing products to limit waste... We could also discover the social policy of the group, their active daily actions within the group to fight against global warming as well as their ecological and ethical objectives.

Thank you Charles Hubert de Montbel and Nelida Jocelyn Karlsson, PhD for the invitation  ! We were pleased to learn about your very relevant and developed sustainability strategy. And thank you to our CSR committee of the CCFS and our members for attending this event!

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