Bilans d’évènement

Global Sports Challenge comes to an end!

Our global sports challenge has come to an end. Thank you everyone for your participation!

Thank you to our members Betao,  Vinci Energies Sweden AB, Air France Nordic, and France en Suède who participated in the Squadeasy sports challenge this spring! We were happy to see you get active for a good cause, and earn points during this team spirit building challenge. A big thanks to CCI France International and Squadeasy as well, for organizing this global challenge, and to The SeaCleaners for sponsoring it. 

11 French Chambers of Commerce participated, with a total of more than 60 companies and 200 teams! It was great to get involved with our wider CCIFI network!
Stay tuned for the follow-up of this global event, more information to come soon! 

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