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CSR Lunch with Schneider Electric

Review of the presentation followed by a lunch and the premises of Schneider Electric

Thursday noon was our first CSR lunch of the year at Schneider Electric.

We wish to thank Schneider Electric Sweden and in particular to Valentin Monteiro for his welcome. We kicked off this meeting with a presentation by V. Monteiro adressing the strong commitment of Schneider Electric towards sustainabilty and the green transition, both in Sweden and worldwide. Our members were given the opportunity to dive deep into the group strategy to achieve its ambitious goals of becoming a net-zero C02 company, if you wish to know more about this journey we warmly invite you to check this page.

We then continued to exchange around a lunch with a tour of the Innovation hub of Schneider Electric where Valentin Monteiro could explain to us in detail the various products conceived by the company.

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