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Celebrating International Women's Day with Passion and Commitment!

Today, the Chamber of Commerce was pleased to host a remarkable event in honor of International Women's Day, featuring the insightful Rime Dreber from L'Oréal and Ewa Fallenius, the director of the CCFS.

We were delighted to share this significant moment with all of you, enjoying a delightful meal generously provided by the Hotel Diplomat Stockholm, whom we sincerely thank for their hospitality.

Rime's presentation on L’Oréal's initiatives to promote Gender Equality and women's empowerment was both inspiring and enlightening. We are grateful to her for sharing her expertise and insightful perspectives.

A big thank you to all the participants for your presence and commitment to gender equality. On this special day, let's wish all women a beautiful and joyful International Women's Day!

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