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CCFS General Assembly

Thank you to the members present for coming to this important moment for the CCFS We welcome our new Director Ewa Fallenius and President Jan Malmborg

Dear CCFS members,

On behalf of the French Chamber of commerce in Sweden, I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to each and every one of you for joining us at our Annual General Meeting. Your presence and active participation have made this gathering a significant moment for the CCFS network.

The Annual General Assembly is an important moment in our calendar as it serves as a platform for sharing accomplishments, making crucial decisions and shaping the future of our organization and network. We appreciate your dedication and commitment contributing to the fruitful relationships between French and Swedish businesses and the continued development of the CCFS.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Jan Malmborg as the new President of the CCFS. We congratulate him in his appointment and are confident that, under his leadership, the CCFS will continue to flourish. Our warmest thanks to Ludovic Bouveron and his 5 years as CCFS President.

We had the privilege of introducing Ewa Fallenius, who will take up her position as CCFS Director in September, securing leadership continuity when taking over from Romain Prioux. Michael Ruet and Charly Lupart are welcome additions to the board of Directors.

We look forward to continued collaboration with you and joint achievements during 2024 for the CCFS network.

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