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Back-to-work event : Wine Tasting

What better way to get back to work after summer break than going to a wine tasting event? We organized one with our member Betao.

We thank Corentin De Tregomin who taught us a lot about natural wines. Corentin is an expert Brasri, which is a company that imports wines wines from small-scale, quality producers, often biodynamic. Most have "special talents" and "specific interests" : ancestral method, orange, non-alcoholic, or other. Corentin also launched a delivery platform for natural wines enthusiasts : ! Take a look at it. 

We also thank our member Betao and its CEO Arnaud Edus for hosting the event. This was a success.

Finally, thank you to all the participants for coming. We were pleased to share this back-to-work event with you and we look forward to seeing you again.

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